23 September 2018 to 17 November 2018

Everyone knows that year by year there is a wonderful increase in the consumption of sugar in these isles

To us it just looks like a lemon

The lemons are received in bulk
both elbows are flexed
and the juice having been expressed
but at hip level
the peel is put in to soak
offering with one hand and still holding in the other
which enables the pulp to be easily removed
by the women who manipulate them
in your house

Then the peel is again
one hand is open and the other is holding something
carefully cleansed
of labour
and softened by cooking

Thus prepared it is taken to the curing rooms
where for about a fortnight it is allowed to remain in thick syrup
an almost varnishy dipped black

After this it is taken out
because of the nature of the colour of the ornament
placed on trays
be described by others
which are stacked
very shiny
on shelves in huge drying rooms
they are holding

Then it is candied
poses that make no sense
no excess of sugar being allowed to remain in the cups
be useful
as the halves of the peel are termed
in a jovial way

Then it is carefully sorted
now sense
no imperfect cups
almost clown-like
being allowed to pass

And at length
thoroughly selected
and the gesturing
it is carefully
holding what looks to be a piece of fruit
packed in white wood boxes
to be useful
and sent out for consumption

Putting their hand in the bowl
a word as to the quality of their goods
picking up say a sweetmeat or a fruit
all made direct from the fresh fruit
eating it
some of which they grew on their own farms
they never had any
real brutal process
foreign whatever
a sensual taste

To us it just looks like a lemon
Art remembered
of wealth actually and fertility
the boilers
ascribed to the African woman
high mechanisation process
constructed to carry a pressure of 150 lbs.
in as much as to chop the cane
to the square inch
but will be worked at 120 lbs.
to support this trade
mechanical stokes of the latest design are fitted
and in the mills limbs
intended to minimise the escape of smoke

Oh yes
a visual experience
and I know about lemons
to the greatest possible extent
and all these ingredients
the gesturing motions
likewise lifts for raising and lowering goods

Art remembered
from the basement to the top of the building
so a lot of it is to do with sensation
often caught in the machinery

It would be noted that one-half the clock tower is carried by an iron column extending through five stories
leg amputated or something
the superstructure resting on two box girders
be useful
sashes throughout
machete nearby
of wrought iron

Leaning against or holding
the glass
to be beautiful
fixed internally to afford a ready means of replacing it
so if limbs were caught
in case of accidental breakage
they could just chop off the limb
be described by others

Or holding
an image we’re still trying to shake off today
they are holding
she’s holding a lemon

Text by Holly Graham


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