Nick Tudor
Plain-clothes, Indulgences!

1 December 2017 to 1 February 2018

Soap stone, stainless steel, polymer clay, toner ink, galvanised steel, mild steel, aluminium, pipe lagging, aquarium sand, plain clothes, small change, soil.


Endless moments, prompted memories,
and proxied living.

We'll ply countless hours to unnamed tasks,
and bask in the shallow glory of it all.

Let's multiply time, proliferate it,
legions of us, recording everything.

We'll dredge through the now
in anticipation for the then.

A thousand-year purgatory for the interminable
digestion of all that material.

[Recount the fifteenth century practice of
commissaries abusing the sale of indulgences,
carbon-offsetting for the pious.]

Alas, let's remember what's important; production!
And legacy!

Text by Nick Tudor


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